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August 24, 2006, 5:52 am
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Dave and I have a podcast called On the Poddy. This week we announced that if we didn’t get 20 e-mails confirming that people still listen then we would axe the show. The E-mails thundered in.
One interseting e-mail was from a Dutch Lady with her own blog. I can’t understand the words because its in Danish but you can make out a few. . Seems like she reviews podcasts then translates the gist of them into her native tongue.
We are truly going global.
Anyone have any other random overseas connections?


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hey dan check out my blog here and here

we’ve now got some 40 emails… but we might still need a couple more unique emailers!

(rodeo did a stack!!)

Comment by David

If you mean someone from outside the state, no, i don’t know anyone. Here is a partial translation of her thing, courtesy of InterTran:
A hyggesnak comical podcast by softfont jazz that gratifying background and disperses. TO that episode advertise Dave and Dan a interesting little contest where they’ll bust a iPod by a økse or Is it a portaPotti kemikloset , they’ll massakrere? That spoken language by deep australia dialog. After intersperse too single sentences in German. The threat vil become eksekveret unless they gets at least ten emails by weekenden , that protest against that beef the weeks. Attach vil receive a kupon to that purchase music at iTunes! There pjattes whole part by ordspillet at PODDY and POTTY.
…There you are. I makes so much more sense now 😉
Oh yeah, nice blog

Comment by Nick

thanks man. Now I’m more confused. Where is this okse that we are going to bust an ipod by?

Comment by Dan

that’s crazy!

Comment by David

I have no idea…It’s probably just talking about you giving away an itunes card, but I’m not sure… Still, better than in 100% danish, right?

Comment by Nick

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