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Project Philippi
August 22, 2007, 5:55 am
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I am excited to announce a new initiative that we are undertaking with CCECNiTECHURCH music this year. After previous recordings that our church has done (these can be downloaded at the Nite church music team (we know how to spell night we are just cutting edge cool) are going to put down some tracks with a little bit different purpose.
In the past there has been a tension in our recordings… who are they for? Our church? other churches? private listening pleasure? teaching a song? so in answer to these questions we’ve decided to break it all up and put out a little something for everyone.
Project Philippi is an initiative to help out other churches in the area of music. For now it is just a recording but we hope in the future to do more things to help out others, the way that the Philippians poured themselves out for the church in Jerusalem.
The Project Philippi recordings are going to be a small selection of some of our new songs that we have written along with chord charts, lead sheets and backing tracks for each song. We are hoping to print around 200 CDs and send them to music directors around the place as a free gift. Because they are free we will not be getting the most expensive sound out of the recordings. Their purpose will be more to give a new selection of songs to a church.
We are soon to begin work on this so you can be praying for us as we do this that we will be humble and driven by Jesus glory and magnifying his name around our country.
I’ll keep you posted from here about where we are up to with it. Eventually I would love it if you would send me a contact person from your church who could benefit from this initiative.

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You ought to send one to the music department at our school to show them how church music should be done. (i.e. with energy)

Comment by hayesy

Josh Marshall… you can email him at

Thanks Dan

Comment by sam

Hey Dan.
Sounds great. Can I register my interest on behalf of my church? Just send to me – you’ve got my email address.

Love the logo. Is that a DM creation by any chance? It has his style written all over it. Either that or you’ve been hanging around him on the poddy too much!

Comment by Andy M

No this was mine. That font is part of the Nite church logo. I found the photo on yotofoto by searching for ‘urban’.
I used Gimp to put it all together.

Comment by Dan

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