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Amy Wood (art fart)
September 29, 2007, 7:21 am
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Amy is part of the ‘Art fart’ team at church. They design our powerpoint slides and videos as well as cover art for our daily reading notes and flyers. They make stuff look good and they help get rid of any bad design distractions that people may have as they come to church for the first time.

Amy has her own website with photos of work she has done on it. You should check it out. She does really simplistic stuff thats effective. She uses lots of different mediums. Her husband Grant has designed the site and he’s currently working on one for church. He’s a humble guy with great gifts and he is a good friend to me.

Sweet Musical Action
September 27, 2007, 5:45 am
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My friend Simon has written and is starring in a musical that is on during the Salvo’s mission week. The musical is designed to ask big questions of people who may not have asked them before. Good opportunity for arty friends. It’s called 3:16. I’ts about a train crash. Showing in Redfern. I’m going. Here’s more details…

September 25, 2007, 2:41 am
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How good! Yesterday someone sent me a message offering me an old version of Sibelius 3. Awesome. They offered 4 and 5 too but couldn’t give me the seal of legality for those. Project Philippi is on it’s way!

Project Philippi update
September 24, 2007, 2:42 am
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Spent a bit of time on the weekend tightening up roles for Project Philippi. First job is to get all the charts and lead sheets done. Our church doesn’t own Sibelius so we need to source it or something like it from somewhere. Because we write songs all the time it may not be a bad idea to buy it.

The current song list is…
Count the Mercies
Glory to the Lamb
Crown him with many crowns
????? another one???????
If you are from our church or you have visited and liked one of the songs we wrote, let us know which one you’d like us to record.

"Great singing everyone."
September 22, 2007, 9:37 pm
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We have all seen it happen. For many of us it is just second nature so we don’t even bat an eyelid. We have come together and sung a song that clearly expresses the joy we have in our hearts to God. The song reminds us of our sin and depravity and we are moved. It also reminds us of the hope we have in God’s grace and this lifts our hearts. The final verse is belted out in thanksgiving and joy and as the final chord is played the leader holds up the microphone and says…
“great singing everyone.”
No prayer of thanksgiving. No final reminder of the awesome stuff we have been singing about. Not even a moment or two of silence so that we can chew over what we sung and felt. Rather it is a banal, cheery, well done to all.
Good on you for singing. You are good at it. Now sit down.
I don’t know where this has come from – whether it is a reaction to emotionalism or whether the song leader is not trusted to say anything. Perhaps the song leader wasn’t really singing to God but rather just listening to hear if you were.
I think that this comment does more damage than silence. It teaches people that their singing is all about them and putting on a good sing. It ignores God and it ignores the real affections that singing can produce in people’s hearts. It rewards people as if it is a job well done rather than recognizing the spirits work in teaching people God’s word and showing fruit through joy and affection.
Please just take a moment or two before you say anything and don’t be so keen to save the music from being about God and delighting in him. and Riley Hapuka
September 21, 2007, 12:45 pm
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I have been published a couple of times on an American site lately called
I recently posted something about the state of Evangelical music in Australia.
What I love most about putting up these posts is that my brother Tim who is trying to support me posts comments under different aliases to make me look popular. I wonder if anyone has worked out that my commenters all have the same email address?

Redemption Songs and Judgement Songs
September 17, 2007, 9:53 pm
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I can already tell that this week will be a week of listening and reviewing. I’m doing an i-pod review on Sunday night at church so I’m churning through lots of music. I listened to lots of MarsHill music last night. My all time favorite song that they sing there is called ‘Destructor’. I blogged about it a while ago but I thought it may be apt to stick in what I wrote way back then…
Here are the words:”From the first time you flooded the earth; to the last time you burned up the curse; to the way that you hated your son when you hung all the sins of the world. Holy, Holy, Holy… heavens disappear with a roar, hosts of God will come to destroy, send his declaration of war, God will have his glory one way or another.”
The second verse is all about Jesus and that he is glorious. The lyrics are different to most contemporary songs being written. We don’t often sing about Judgement although we do sing about God’s holiness. I wonder if our hesitation comes from the way that we have been taught about evangelism. Growing up in church and youth group I always believed that the prime reason for telling others about Jesus is because we should not them to go to hell. The urgency we have for evangelism is the urgency you would have to prevent a friend from making a bad mistake. You don’t want them to get hurt. The focus is on the person. You don’t want them to go to hell. A sensible person wouldn’t want that on anyone. Therefore we shouldn’t sing songs about God’s judgement because that is the big bad thing that we are trying to get everyone away from. There are two big problems with this view. The first is that as a sinful human, I don’t care enough about others. I am self-centred and unless someone is very close to me, I don’t feel the need to save them from God’s wrath. The second is that this isn’t what the Bible holds as the primary goal of evangelism. The bible teaches that all things are being brought under the headship of Jesus (Eph1:10) and we as christians are part of this new world order (Eph1:11-12) and so when a new believer puts their trust in Jesus and is sealed with the Holy Spirit they are giving glory to Jesus (Eph1:13-14). We should be so captivated by all of God’s glory that we can’t help but tell others about him, to the praise of his glory. This is why David can cry out for God to come in Judgement on the wicked (Psalm 10:12-15). He cares about God’s glory being upheld more than anything else. This is why we can praise God for his holiness and the way that it is seen in his judgement upon the earth, because his holiness and it’s display in the final judgement is glorious.So songs like “Destructor” are helpful to give me a wake up call. Remember what matters most is God’s glory, and he will have it one way or another.