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Ninja Turtles of Music teams
January 20, 2008, 10:00 pm
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Had a weird thought in the shower this morning. I think that for the most part music teams in churches are filled with people who fall into four different categories or they demonstrate each category at one time or another.


Some are Leonardo’s. They are the ones who lead (not necessarily from the front). They are the facilitators of ideas. They are attempting to be the ones who get the team to gel together. The positive things of being a Leonardo are that people look to you for guidance and leadership, however you can fall into the trap of ignoring other’s ideas and running with your own all the time. Leonardo was like that. Sometimes I’m a bit of a Leonardo


Michaelangelos are the guys or girls who make the whole experience of jamming together fun. They are the people who crack all the jokes. They muck around and make people laugh. Sometimes Michaelangelos turn up late for practice. Sometimes they muck around so much that nothing gets done and people’s time is wasted. Sometimes I turn into a Michaelangelo to avoid being seen as a Leonardo. Thats a disaster.


Raph is sick at fighting. He’s pretty much the most awesome turtle at killing foot soldiers. In church he’s the one who gets what Leonardo is trying to do. He goes home to practice his music. He listens to stuff in his own time and writes stuff. All that being said… he’s moody. He can’t take criticism. He gets angry at the team and the world (like Raph). I’m this at times too. I feel like I spend all week working out arrangements and no one likes them (boo hoo). This is precious muso syndrome.


Don is a tech head. He is the best with the gadgets. In music he’s the guy who knows every modal scale and position all over the fretboard and has memorized the 230 different sounds he can make on his keyboard.

Downside – He’s a nerd.


For the purposes of my post… Splinter is Jesus.

I know this is a stretch but next time you are part of a team practicing, think about which turtle you are most like at that time. I reckon I could turn this turtle theory into a group dynamics book!


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nice theory.

my guess is that you have pointed out positive and negative for each of them (except splinter)

but… from your spin – is it by and large negative to be a Michelangelo?

Comment by Dave Miers

no way. read first sentence of mike.

Comment by danielgodden

you forgot to mention that sometimes you can be like donatello coz your a nerd 🙂 just kidding, sweet post, i like the breakdown.

Comment by jackson

[…] It’s the Ninja Turtles one! […]

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