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A divine and supernatural light
January 25, 2008, 6:26 am
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For a while I have been pretty immersed in reading lots of stuff by Jonathan Edwards. I started by listening to ‘the Religious Affections’ and then I started reading his biography by Marsden. I found it very challenging. I am blown away by this guy who was sold out for Christ. He believed that this world was nothing but a shadow of things to come and he lived his life in line with this conviction. Edward’s sermons can be downloaded from just about anywhere and they are well worth a read. Take a small chunk and let it sit with you for a while.

You’ll come to realise that Edwards takes the next step. If you truly believe that Christ is your saviour and that he is the only hope you have before a holy, just God, then your life as it was is over. You can’t keep living the same way, seeing things the same way, feeling the same way. As creatures we are given the gift of emotions to highlight things that we believe strongly. Edwards calls these the affections. When converted, a divine and supernatural light enters you and you can see and feel things you never could before. You are overcome with love for your Great Father and you will fall before His Son in thankfulness.

Edwards was overcome by God’s grace shown to him in creation. He would spend hours looking at spiders and their webs – blown away by a God who could create such beauty. Edwards saw this and reminded himself of the beauty of God’s grace to him and of the beauty that would be his in the new creation that was already birthed within him and would be fulfilled physically on that last day.

Edwards valued music as a tool that God had given the church for encouraging these affections towards himself. Music helps christians to ‘feel what they know.’

This is my prayer for our church. We want God to work in us so that we too feel what we know. What glory God would recieve if his people obeyed him out of love not out of duty. If they confessed in prayer out of despair at their sin rather than out of habit. If they sang of their love for Christ with love springing from a true sense and conviction of being saved from hell.

If you are involved in music in your church it would be well worth your while to spend some time with Edwards. Read his sermons. Read biographies about him and be encouraged by his life. Catch his vision for a church that are affected by Jesus.


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