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Up the front and in the middle
February 1, 2008, 8:32 pm
Filed under: Doing music

This week Saturday EV had a bit of a get together to chat about where things were headed. Tim told me after that one thing he encouraged was for people who are regular to sit up the front and in the middle of church. This way they set the tone for how people are going to respond to the music. If the uncomfortable visitor is the one person everyone has to look through to see the front then the vibe people will unknowingly pick up is one of uneasiness.

I’d encourage you if you love the music in your church and you want to serve. Sit up the front and respond physically to what you sing. This sends a message to people behind you that they we are a church who are genuine and that we love singing. It also sends a message of support to your musos that you love what they are doing and that it is helping you sing to others and to God. At CCEC Nitechurch our mission is to have our congregation ‘feel what they know’. The best way that you can communicate to us that this is happening is by sitting up the front and in the middle and being affected to respond physically to the stuff we sing. (responding physically means moving, dancing, showing emotion facially and even… shock horror… lifting your hands in praise).

Obviously not all people find it easy to respond physically. That’s fine. But think about where you are sitting and what message you are giving to those around you. It’s all for Jesus as we want more people to be more amazed and blown away by his grace shown to us who deserve nothing. By giving this message physical assent you can be preaching to the person right next to you, even as you sing.


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