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What is ‘Magnification’?
February 5, 2008, 10:44 pm
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I have been writing up a few documents about what this area of Christian life will look like in our church. I’ll probably post segments of it up here. It saves me having to think up two sets of things to write. Here’s the first bit…

There is no being or thing that touches on God’s magnificence. He is supremely majestic. The Christian sees an enlightened glimpse of this majesty in Christ’s atoning death in his or her place. However magnificence isn’t only seen, it is something that is felt. You don’t see the magnificence of a tree or a mountain, to do so is just to stand off detached. Real magnificence is felt inside the beholder as a sense of awe or overwhelming joy or wonder. Magnification is the word for this process when it is applied to God. Like Worship is to merit to someone their ‘worth-ship’, to magnify is to promote someone’s magnificence and to come to a true understanding of it.
God has revealed his magnificence to
us through his Son. He has ordained us to magnify him through the offering of our whole lives as worship to him (Rom 12:1). In the magnification arm of this church, we want to see people live Godly, obedient, word-based lives that honour Jesus. Part of this is honouring Jesus with our affections. Our aim is to help God’s people ‘Feel what we know’.


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