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skillful music
February 6, 2008, 6:07 am
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–    Skillful:
God wants musicians that are skillful. 1 Chronicles 15:22 tells us that Kenaniah was appointed to run the temple music because he was skillful at it. We often cringe at this idea because it sounds like we are being arrogant or elitist by only allowing skillful musos into our team. The thing to be remembered is that skill is both a gift given by God and is something that can be developed. That means that we should not be surprised that not everyone is gifted in music. We trust that God has gifted his church with what we need. If music is not your gift, something else is and you can be used to build God’s church in other ways. The other thing is that many of us do not feel skillful, yet God calls for skillful musos. Psalm 33:3 says ‘Sing to him a new song. Play skilfully and shout for joy.’ We are called to work on our talents. We need to develop our skills. This means we are committed to practising and honing our abilities.


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Does the new testament speak about skilful music?

how do the ‘last days’ impact on skilful music?

Comment by Dave Miers

Good question. The New testament doesn’t mention skillful music the same way as the old. Instead the music of the New Testament is to be ‘heart’ based rather than interested in the trappings of skill and stuff. That being said, we are told that whatever we do to do as if for the Lord. This can certainly be applied to music but the question is what would the Lord want from my music in these last days… He wouldn’t want you to spend six hours a day practising on some white and black keys when there are people who haven’t heard the gospel. But he would want you to use your abilities as best as you are able to promote and extend his kingdom.

Comment by danielgodden

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