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9 marks say ‘get rid of music’
February 8, 2008, 3:07 pm
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Not really, they are just exaggerating but this is a pretty interesting article. Jeff at City on a Hill had some of his own thoughts.


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Some great thoughts. There is a temptation towards idolatry (worshipping music, not the great Musician).

I liked this: “That forced me to learn how to stoke the fires of worship with truths and words”
I much prefer the church service to start with a hymn, traditional or contemporary, than a pacey 7-11 (7 words, 11 times – eg How Great Is Our God).

And I LOVE it when the Bible is read by the worship leader – not so much when it is backed by music.

Comment by hayesy

Why don’t you like it being backed by music?

Comment by danielgodden

Good question.
Thinking aloud here: Have you ever watched an intense (horror, drama, ect) with the sound muted. There is, I find, a flat affect. It seems that a vast amount of the emotion in movies is manipulated by the soundtrack.
Whether this is because of some quality inherent in us or in music or because we have been conditioned by such media to have this response, it remains that music has a powerful sway over our emotions – as you know.

When music is played behind a Bible reading, it certainly stirs the emotions – but why? Is it because the Holy Spirit is speaking to us so powerfully that we are thus affected, or is it because the backing music has elicited our response?
I suppose, in short, I dislike the (possible) artificiality. Would that we felt such emotion because of the Bible alone – and if so, why add music?

I don’t think it is all bad. Our culture is pretty apathetic towards the word of God. We listen politely, then forget it. If, then, music awakens us to its meaning and importance, awesome! If done well, the emotion created might be highly appropriate, and might well be used by the Holy Spirit.

So its not something I’m strongly against. It might be useful in fueling a desire for or awakening interest in the Bible. I would, however, be wary of becoming dependent on the backing – in a similar vein to the article you linked to.

Ultimately, I want to see in myself and others a growing hunger for God’s word. If music is used to that end, fantastic. If it becomes an obstacle, not so great.

Comment by hayesy

[…] 9 marks say ‘get rid of music’ […]

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