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Music Ministry reading/listening list
February 20, 2008, 7:30 am
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I have mentioned before on this blog why it is so important for people involved in music ministry to be reading. I thought that it might be helpful to put up a kind of reading list of books or resources that I have found helpful. You could call this a music ministry ‘top 10’ (according to me – someone who has no authority to call it anything). I haven’t just included books because I think that there are some sermons that have been just as influential if not more in shaping my thinking on this issue than many books have.

1. The book of Hebrews
2. Desiring God – John Piper
3. Music through the eyes of Faith – Harold Best
4. Idolatry and Worship (mp3) – Mark Driscoll
5. Engaging with God – David Peterson
6. The Worship Leader’s Role (mp3) – Bob Kauflin
7. Worship by the book – ed. DA Carson
8. The Arts in Worship: Can’t Art just be art? (mp3) – Harold Best
9. Stirrings of the Soul – Mike Raiter
10. The Religious Affections – Jonathan Edwards

If you have time start at the top and work your way down. If you would like to borrow a book come and ask. I love lending books. I love getting them back too.


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I’m disappointed you don’t have Calvin Johansson’s Discipling Music Ministry

Comment by John Dekker

Why Hebrews in particular?

Comment by hayesy

Hebrews is explicitly Jesus Saturated. It’s whole premise is that Jesus is greater than anything else and we should worship him accordingly. While the whole Bible points to Jesus, Hebrews puts him unveiled at the center. It teaches us to see him and savour him.

Comment by danielgodden

Um Dan, is that my copy of Worship by the Book you’re offering to lend?

Comment by Michelle

I own a copy. I don’t think I have yours do I?

Comment by danielgodden

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