Sing Unto the Lord

February 22, 2008, 10:41 am
Filed under: General Music

I saw a great movie last night. The music in it was haunting and beautiful. Ren bought the soundtrack straight after watching it. The movie is kind of like a modern day folk musical. I’d say 70% of the film is sung. It’s a really simple storyline.

You know when you see a good movie you want to tell everyone about it. I wonder what motivates that. Is it that we want people to enjoy it or is it that somehow we want to honor the movie. I think I’m the second. If I see a good movie then I think it deserves me to  tell others about it.

The actors in Once are just musos who are being filmed. Neither of the main characters, Guy and Girl played by Glen Hansard and Margeta Irglova have acted before. Their dialogue is natural. The best parts of the film though is when they are singing. You can see in their faces that at those times they aren’t acting, but rather are lost in the music they are creating.

Music has that ability. It channels thoughts and leads to a place. That’s why a feature film can be filled with songs. The songs contain the deep emotion that the dialogue lacks. It’s like when the song begins the curtain is pulled back and the heart is revealed. It’s amazing that words put to music have that ability.


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i saw an ad for that at avoca a few months ago – was really keen to see it.

where did you see it?

Comment by Dave Miers

it’s out on DVD

Comment by danielgodden

And of course the big news is they just went on earlier this week to win the Oscar for Best Song! Did you see how the orchestra cut off the girl before she even began to say her thank yous, but then Jon Stewart the MC brought her back on after the next ad break!

Comment by Andy M

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