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1000 hits since changing to wordpress. Thankyou turtles.
February 29, 2008, 10:03 am
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And do you want to know the post that consistently gets the highest hits??

It’s the Ninja Turtles one!

I didn’t even write that with coherent thought!!

Even yesterday it got more hits than any other. Just looking over it…here are the stats!

– of the 1134 hits since January, 102 of them have been the turtles. That’s almost 10%!

– Since posting the Turtles post on the 20th January, it has never had a day when it wasn’t viewed

– the search phrase that far and above gets people to my blog is ‘Turtle ninja’ on 28, followed by ‘ninja turtle’ on 7

– Tell me why more people search for ‘turtle ninja’ than ‘ninja turtle’!!!

Perhaps I should bring out more posts like… Biker Mice of the Sound desk or Street Sharks of communion.


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i think they search by ‘turtle nija’ because in school your taught to search by last name first and perhaps they think ninja is the last name.

Comment by Alex

Maybe you should write a blog called

Christ, Jesus


Comment by JPJ

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