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My sweet friends
March 17, 2008, 10:43 am
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I have some good friends. I’m blessed to serve with the guys and girls that I do in Nitechurch. Some of my sweet friends have recently been making me excited by the way they have begun leading different areas of ministry. I thought I’d let you know something about what’s been going on so you can be praying for them as they think through new ways to do stuff and ways to help people honour Jesus.

Youth Music

My man Max has been looking after Youth music for almost two terms now. He is humble and thoughtful as he thinks through the best way to lead young guys to have hearts stirred by Jesus. Max and his team have had a rough trot this term as our youth group has changed venue like seventy times. He can still pull out the goods though and I know lots of people are thankful to God for him and his work. Pray for him as he starts thinking through music at Phat camp.

Kids Music

Just this year my sweet friends Todd and Sarah have stepped up to lead the Kids music on Sunday mornings. Every week they are leading 180+ kids in singing together. For them music is critical as it teaches kids scripture memory and key biblical concepts like God’s Kingship and his love for us. At the moment it’s just them and the 180 kids so soon I’m sure they will tire out. Pray that they can find a team of enthusiastic people to help them in this ministry. Todd is keen to start writing some kids music so pray for him that he will be faithful to the word as he does it.

Nitechurch Logistics

Jay is a friend of mine who has recently stepped up to oversee the behind the scenes stuff of what takes place every Sunday night. He organises chairs, runsheets, supper, ushers, set up, pack up and lights. Jay is very busy. It has been such a cool thing having someone in this role who thinks intentionally about the flow of our gathering. He has a heart to see people engaged in God’s word and in singing together. Pray for him as he builds a team of servants. He needs people to step up and help him but often people aren’t interested in being behind the scenes.

Nitechurch music resources

Josh has recently become a busy man. He has started at a music college in Sydney which means heaps of travel time. But he also has volunteered to oversee resource management in our Nitechurch music team. That means he is compiling a library of different tutoring resources like DVDs, books and magazines to help our team ‘play skilfully to the Lord’ (Ps 33:3). Josh also will be linking our team in with some local tutors to get lessons and improve their skill base. I’m thankful to God for providing our team with Josh. Pray that his role will be useful to us and that we will make the most of it.

There are heaps of other people who have been encouraging me in their service: Grant our art dude, Jackson our head of ministry, Simon our guys ministry dude, Jason Emily and Craig our membership people, Rahia heading up girl’s ministry… the list could go on.

I love being part of a church where people are so keen to serve that they will create new roles to serve in. It’s awesome seeing all these new areas of our church flourish and seeing people take on the same attitude as Christ Jesus in service and humility. This year has started as an awesome year for Nitechurch. Pray that it would continue and that we would keep preaching Christ to the Central Coast.


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Yeah absolutely awesome.
Keeping rocking for Christ

Comment by jpj

You know we Love to serve our God and Saviour as we want Him to be Glorified in our lives daily. Yew!!!

Comment by josh

[…] Firstly I was stoked to see our kids at church get up and sing their hearts out last week. Sarah and Todd are doing a mad job there! […]

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