Sing Unto the Lord

John Owen loves to sing
March 18, 2008, 10:45 am
Filed under: Thinking Music

I’ve been reading a bit of John Owen lately. I found him heaps hard to start with but his sermons are easier. You can download them from I printed off the first hundred pages and bound it at the church office. Sweet action.

Yesterday I read a sermon on Psalm 45. A few parts were just gold! There was also a lot of references to music and singing. He speaks of David’s gifting in music as being a tool for God to use to bless his people. He also mentions that in his mind…

singing is a means appointed of God whereby men should express their joy in a way of

He then goes on to point out the error in a heart not filled with joy in response to Christ’s offer of salvation. This bit was particularly compelling:

Let us inquire whether we have found, or do find, this joy in our own hearts. Is the remembrance of the closing of our hearts with Christ a song of loves unto us? Truly, if our loves be earnest and intent upon other things, we find joy and refreshment in them; but are we not dead and cold to the thoughts of this great and excellent advantage, of being espoused to Christ, as all believers are? If so, it is but a sad evidence we are truly so espoused.

Alas! if a poor beggar, a deformed creature, should be taken into the espousals of a great prince, would she not be sensible of it? We are poor, deformed, woeful, sinful, polluted creatures; and for us to be taken into this relation with Jesus Christ! — where are our hearts? Why do not we rejoice in the Lord with joy unspeakable, and full of glory? Is it not because Christ hath not our whole hearts? because we are  not so entirely with him and for him in our affections as becomes this relation? because the world
hath too much hold upon us? Shall God rejoice, and Christ rejoice, — shall it be a song of loves to God and Christ that we are brought into this relation, and these dull hearts of ours be no farther affected with it? We ought to be ashamed to think how little we are concerned in this so great a privilege…’

Wow. There is a call to watch the affections of your heart. Pray that we might realise the weight of our sin and the wonder of our salvation!

There are a lot of Johns who love to sing. So far I’ve mentioned John Stott and John Owen. Maybe I’ll turn this into a blogging series.


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