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April 8, 2008, 8:09 am
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As I’m writing this I am admiring the new WordPress dashboard. It looks cool but you won’t be able to see it unless you are on WordPress.

I don’t know what your schedules are like but this is the time of year when we write new rosters at nitechurch. We have decided that across the board (sound, music, set-up, pack-up, mc etc.) we would work on a quarter basis. So we will have four rosters: Jan – Mar, Apr – Jun, Jul – Sept, Oct – Dec. This means two things. It firstly means that those writing rosters and trying to get availability and the rest have a big job as they need to do it four times in a year. The second reason – and the reason why we do it this way – is because it allows teams to spend time regularly assessing the way things have been going and reforging direction for the next three months. It allows people to step out of a certain ministry and step back in again if they want after not too long. It also gives time to pick up new servants and incorporate them into the new roster.

In the music team we have a meeting every quarter to go over expectations, vision and future direction. It helps us think intentionally about our area of ministry. At this meeting I also encourage people to think and pray about their involvement in the next roster. I don’t want anyone just being involved because that’s what they have always done. I want people to actually own their involvement. Thats why we go through expectations. It allows people to assess themselves and perhaps realise that this area of ministry is not the best place for them this quarter.

I myself also spend time thinking about my place in this ministry area. Is it the best place for the gifts God has given me? Am I being too proud or self-seeking? Do I need to step down?

This term coming we are trying some new band arrangements so that we can explore different genre options. This means that we are shaping our bands to fit the genres we are seeking to hit. In doing this I know that lots of churches have missed the mark by trying to play punk versions of Highest Place and all other kinds of bad stuff. We are holding onto principles like singability and appropriate expression and aiming to not let the genre govern our music but rather we aim to use the genre and bend the generic rules in order to accommodate the two principles mentioned.

It should be a good quarter as we experiment a bit with this stuff. Hopefully we will be doing a bit of recording this quarter and songs will keep going up at so you can listen in on how it’s going.

While on the subject of churches recording, Doxologist have embedded a radio into their blog so that you can listen to Mars Hill music without having to download or continually going back to your playlist to update. Check it out.


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