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May 1, 2008, 10:30 am
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Peter Mead at ‘Biblical Preaching‘ has raised some good questions about the linkage between sermons and singing in a service. He asks whether we should sing after a sermon or not and he gives good arguments for both.

What do you think? Is it helpful to sing and respond after hearing God’s word, or would it be better to just spend some time in contemplation. Can singing distract from the message just heard. I know at our church, while we love singing after a sermon I’m often disappointed to see people use it as a time to unwind and get some release after listening to God’s word. It can allow them to disengage with the word being taught to them.

hmm. Big questions. Any answers?


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This is a great post.

I have no answers as yet, but I will be mulling it over all day.


Comment by Steve

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I might give some more developed thoughts in my blog, but in a nutshell I think personal reflection time is what should come immediately after a sermon, especially if the song that is selected doesn’t end up complemeting the overall “atmosphere” of the congregation.

Comment by Kristian

On a related topic, do the songs for the service have to fit/match the sermon topic? Do we really need to get so hung up on this?

Comment by Jeff A

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