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Come all you weary
May 13, 2008, 1:39 pm
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There isn’t a band in the world who I love more than Thrice. They are eclectic, original, and they rock hard. Dustin Krensue from Thrice is a Christian guy but the band sell to a secular audience. Thrice’s last project: The Alchemy Index has been based around the four elements: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. I’m going to do a review of the whole series for but I thought I’d share an awesome line from one of their Earth songs called Come All You Weary.

Come all you weary, with your heavy loads.

Lay down your burdens; find rest for your souls.

My yoke is easy and my burden is kind;

I’ll take yours upon me, and you can take mine.


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Dan, what do you think about the whole ‘Christian themes in secular songs’ thing?

I find it hard to believe secular listeners will pick up on the allusions.

What do you think a non-Christian will hear Thrice singing in that above quote? Who will listeners put in the ‘I’ of the song? Jesus?

Or will they replace ‘I’ with their own personal functional savior – girlfriend, Thrice, a mate? And then when they hear Jesus say that, will it stand out or blend into what is offered by just another band?

Comment by hayesy

I think you’ll find Thrice aren’t attempting to convert people through their songs. I don’t even think all the band are Christian. I think rather Dustin writes lyrics about stuff that is important to him and sometimes his faith becomes evident.
I think people will read anything into anything.

Comment by danielgodden

You dont need to be Christian to believe in helping people out with their burderns, nor to identify with any other thrice lyric…

Comment by alksdjlkd

i cant believe how narrow minded it is to even ask that question, i dont have a personal savior, i dont believe my girlfriend or dog to be a god from above, i think everything and everyone is equal, another thrice quote that maybe some Christians wont agree with “Don’t we all know life is sacred?Don’t we all know we bleed the same red blood?” Jesus or Buddha or whoever the fuck you believe in is and was the same as you, just person . The last thing we as the human race needs is people like you separating us into “us and them” the believers and non-believers, and i know dustin would agree with me in that.

Comment by alksdjlkd

Dustin is a Christian with very conservative beliefs. I know this, because he told me he is. By the way, Thrice’s Christian references caused me to dig deeper into the Christian faith. I later became a Christian. I told Dustin about it, and he was thrilled.

Comment by John

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