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Band names??????
May 21, 2008, 5:06 pm
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So… If you are a regular reader you’d know that I’m part of ccecnitechurch. For a while now we have functioned with three separate bands instead of one big music team. Until now all three bands have kind of tried to play similar stuff but we found that the sound we were getting was very churchy and not necessarily easy to connect with for the outsider. So we tried to be a bit more genre specific with our bands and so thats where we are. The problem that I’m now facing is that as the bands are creating their own identity, people speak about the bands. Because each of the bands doesn’t have a name they get named by the congregation after the leader of the band eg.. ‘Bob’s band’ or ‘Gerald’s band’. I don’t know if I like the idea of having band names, but I really don’t like our bands only being identified by their leader. They are a unit and so should have their own identity. Is it bad to name the bands and am I caving to secular culture, or is it not a big problem and doesn’t have to become an idol?

I guess the preacher has a name and we aren’t necessarily idolising him by using his name to speak of the sermon. Is it unhelpful to do the same with bands?

What do you think?

Do you have any good ideas for names?


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I get the dilemma that you have, i also saw the post on doxologist about a convo you had with them, very cool.
People naturally idolise things, whether people, money, bands, themselves. Without fully knowing the context, sounds like people already have the sense of specific bands anyway, so I don’t see a huge issue of give a band a name. The name can also communicate a gospel message in itself therefore giving Jesus glory instead of the members.
As for names, I got nothing, but i always thought that ‘(Insert persons Name) and The (insert collective noun)’ is cool.
For example, you could keep the leaders name in it.
So for the fun of it your band could be ‘Dan and The Degenerates’

Comment by Duke

nah i reckon keep the leader’s name out of it. it means the leader can change – but if the nucleus is the same the band name doesn’t have to change. and i think it does more of giving glory to Jesus and less of giving glory to leader (which is something dan said in original post).

i reckon mars hill has some good band names. some are more for fun than for profound truth proclaiming…

but i reckon names that point to the death and resurrection of Jesus are good.

Comment by Dave Miers

I believe bands, band names, music styles etc are all culturally redeemable things.
A band will only be idolised if there is something to be idolised. Giving names to each band may change the attitude of the performers – but just keep lifting Jesus up and he will receive the glory.

Comment by jpj

Amen, jpj!
I love that MHC have differently named bands – I reckon it gives them the freedom to carve out their own style.

Best band name (best band!) at MHC: Brothers of the Empty Tomb.

Comment by hayesy

ps I’d love it if you blogged your conversation on doxologist…

Comment by hayesy

Jono had a good one…
‘Esau I hated’

Comment by danielgodden

hahaha file it under “Band names for Calvinists”

Comment by hayesy

I’m all for Calvinist names, how about the Tulips?

Comment by Luke C

[…] a few weeks ago I asked about bands having their own names and identities in order to avoid the ‘bob’s band’ syndrome. Tonight the first of […]

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