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Pride, Humility and my suckiness
June 2, 2008, 10:41 am
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I don’t know if you have experienced something similar to this but… Last week I found out I was leading on Sunday night at nitechurch. I was stoked because I haven’t had an opportunity to lead in a little while. I have been thinking lots about what it means to lead people in response. I thought ‘woo hoo. Here is an opportunity to use all this stuff I’ve been thinking about.’ I even had a new song to teach that I thought would go down really well. It fitted with what we were going to be looking at in the Bible and I thought it would be relatively easy to pick up.

It got to Sunday and I turned up at 4. We spent an hour setting up so we didn’t get to start practising the song till 5. Although the singers were saying that it wasn’t enough time to learn it properly, I just pressed on thinking that we’d be ok on the night. I got stressed out because the computer wasn’t working so we couldn’t record. When I got up to start singing with the church I was totally bummed. Nothing was going as I wanted. Then song after song I led badly I stuffed intros. Because we hadn’t had good rehearsal time the band forgot what we were doing. I got so angry at myself during the whole night.

At the end of the night I was really down. This isn’t how its all supposed to be I thought. We are supposed to rock out. And then it hit me…

Why am I even doing what I’m doing? Where was my heart of worship? Where was my humble attitude? Where were my prayers? Did I really think that on my own I could do anything remotely good? I forgot my God. He uses the worst of our offerings to bring his word to people’s hearts. Who am I to think that I can do anything right – ever?

True worship of God begins and ends with humility. Realising that we are nothing and God is EVERYTHING! How can I lead people to see God’s greatness and their vulnerability, blindness, helplessness – their need for him – if I am relying on my own great efforts and putting all my trust in myself. How can I do anything without prayer?

Thankfully true worship doesn’t depend on me. It would never happen if it did. Worship happens when the Spirit works in peoples hearts to make them see God for who he is and to compel them to live unswervingly for him. Praise God and pray for my humility.


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And thank God for this lesson, and what little humility He has given you to allow you to learn it.

Dan, what’s your email? Can you please email it to me? (see my comment details for my email)

Comment by hayesy

I am pretty sure Jesus said somewhere
— my power is made perfect in suckiness!

Comment by Hayley

nice reminder Dan… good to see the servanthood of Jesus at work in you. Hurts at the time but at least you know God hasn’t given up on you (Heb 12).

Comment by Sam

Thanks for your encouragement guys.

Comment by Dan

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