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Syd Anglicans making music
June 3, 2008, 12:28 pm
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A recent article on Sydney Anglicans dot net speaks of a couple of ministries where music is playing a large role. In particular the Dean is supporting Richard Maegraith in his ministry to Jazz musos in and around Sydney. I reckon this is a sweet thing to be highlighting. We have a band at nitechurch called Dissonance who play for our evangelistic cafe nites and are looking to get some more gigs. They are a tight jazz standard band and I can hook you up if you want some jazz action. We got Dissonance started because we saw a need to have good music at our events. We don’t want to put off musically minded people by having sub-par thrown together stuff.

I’m intrigued though why Christians always seem to go for jazz. I love it. But where are the evangelical industrial goth bands? Is it because we are all nerdy and so is Jazz?


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Jazz = nerdy?
You must be listening to a different genre! Hehe!

I think jazz works because its classified as ‘background music’ to most people therefore it creates opportunities for socialising
(btw i dislike the ‘background music’ classification alot)

I think ministry would benefit from supporting Christian rock/pop bands. Even the most subtle message behind the lyrics or the talking between songs has an impact.

I can think of concerts like John Butler Trio where he is completely sold out for the environment and this rubs off on the crowd. People rarely go home thinking “I can’t believe he kept pushing his agenda”. The response is normally “Wow that guys is really passionate about his beliefs”

Comment by jpj

richard is the bomb!!
come to his album launch at the basement on june 25

Comment by davidnmiers

looking for some gigs eh?
Did you have a look at my email?

Comment by hayesy

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