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i heart itunes plus
June 4, 2008, 3:25 pm
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I bought my first itunes plus cd yesterday. A year after it came out. For the uninitiated itunes plus is a higher quality audio file that has heaps less strict usage rules. If you’ve ever been frustrated that you can’t play your itunes-bought-music on another computer, you’ll love itunes plus.

It is a step towards making digital music files more usable. I love it. Bring on the future. Undoubtably it leads people to misuse their files more as well. People can give away itunes plus music to whoever they want illegally. Not sure of any protection itunes have against that. They are obviously still turning a profit.

In terms of church do you find it hard to stay abreast of legal issues in music, video and images? I do. Do you feel tempted to give in to the way of the world and so cheat for your own selfish gain. I do. I justify sin in my mind by saying its for church and so its all ok. Copyright is a big deal. It can be a pain in the bum but maybe its an area we can work hard to shine in


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