Sing Unto the Lord

Tomorrow is my birthday.
June 7, 2008, 4:30 pm
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Party on.


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Happy Birthday.

And to Renae for Tuesday.

Comment by Michelle

the LORD loves you no matter wat up do if uyou do some thing really bad then tell GOD to forgive foe your sins and wat you just pray to GOD and he will forgive if somebody on the street help them found a home and GOD will BLESS you for wat you did for that homles preson.I was staying with my anit bezause my mom was on a christian ship with other people and she help my mother out and she said GOD BLESS you and she left and we had help my anit cook a cake and she was about to go to the store.She said who got money and I said me then she said come on then we went to the store and she said we can buy something for my sister so I didnt get anything for myself bezause I didnt have anymore money so she told me to put a soda back and I didnt have anything to get for myself and I got mad but I wanted to bust the soda but GOD told me not to and I didnt and I dont know why I start to cry it was a HOT and we forgot the pool and my cuzing said is is going to bless me with some money for my family and Istop cring and GOD start taking to me and i start to read my bible.AND BY THE WAY MY MOTHER HAD 8 KIDS AND SHE DILL WITH VERY WELL AND SHE GOT A HUSBAND AND HE WILL NOT LEAVE NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by crystal


Comment by crystal


Comment by Luke C

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