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June 21, 2008, 11:51 am
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Hello world.

I know I haven’t posted in about two weeks and I never finished that JC Ryle post series. I struggle to finish things. And then I felt guilty that I hadn’t finished so I was ashamed to come back here…

But there are heaps of things exciting me so I need to post about them!

Firstly I was stoked to see our kids at church get up and sing their hearts out last week. Sarah and Todd are doing a mad job there!

Secondly I was excited by some cool books I bought last week. I got two volumes titled ‘Then sings my soul’ they are each a collection of 150 hymns as well as the stories behind them. Pretty encouraging.

Thirdly I was excited by wordles. In fact the whole reason I got back on the horse was because I wanted to jump on the bandwagon with wordles. My bro Dave, and my friend Hayesy have gone global with these bad boys.

Here’s all of Isaac Watts Hymns

And here’s Charles Wesley’s

Here’s all the songs our church has written. I forgot to not include words like chorus and bridge:


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These are cool! (just when you thought there was nothing left to wordle…)

Comment by hayesy

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