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July 1, 2008, 1:55 pm
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Its getting to the end of the term which means time to do the art for next term. I loved Ben’s Jonah header for his talk series. It was seasoned with nauticalness. I’m feeling a tension between getting heaps of people to post their creative ideas, and knowing that if that happens we will all steal off each other and stop being creative.


Anyway… I did a thing for genesis in nitechurch last term that was ok.. but the thing I did for Saturday EV and Sunday Ev for Colossians was heaps better.

This term Sat EV and Sun EV are doing Genesis and Nitechurch are doing the first 4 chapters of John.

I was just going to recycle the old ideas but I had a new idea for Genesis. Let me know what you think…

For John I’m just going to use an old image and add a different font.

I’d love to see your next term series art.


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Just so you know. Last terms pics are actually just pics of our booklet covers. This terms pics are our advert slides

Comment by danielgodden

Dude, yours are heaps better than mine.

Comment by Ben

the new Genesis one is awesome!!

Comment by Alex

Yeah im a big fan off the new Gen one.

Comment by Ricky

Love the new Genesis one, have you though about removing the rest of the trees/bushes and just leaving the 2 large trees next to each other to symbolise the 2 trees in Eden?

Or perhaps a whole row of foliage along the top of Beginnings to give the impression of a garden.

Comment by Luke C

Personally not a fan of the John font, how about something more ‘organic’ to relate to being in the flesh?

Comment by Luke C

i’m with luke – i don’t think the font works on john.

Comment by Dave Miers

*feels like a real graphic artist*

Comment by Luke C

oops. too late with John. The booklets went to print yesterday I think.
I’ll have a fiddle.
Thanks Luke for your superior graphic art skills. They match your bow hunting and numchuk skills well.

Comment by danielgodden

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