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To iphone or not to iphone
July 15, 2008, 9:54 am
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So… I’m pretty into mac stuff. White is like totally the new black. The iphone just launched in Australia and so far I have been a bit… ho hum. I wasn’t desperate to get my hands on one. It would be cool but there isn’t much memory yet. I think it’s only 8GB.

That was all until I saw this!!!

That looks flipping mad. Not only can you read the Bible, search the Bible and make notes… You can also read notes others have made on a particular verse. I reckon that technology is awesome. I would love it if churches got into this and preachers posted their notes after a sermon. I don’t think there’s enough people with iphones yet but give it 6 months…


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i had iphone lust the other night when playing with my friends, downloading youtube vids and listening to music. Awesome phone. I am waiting though!

I heard camp was good but tough!

Comment by newycs

you can get a 16GB one too and that one comes in white and black whereas the 8GB only comes n black.

you can only buy outright from Optous and its like $765 and $840 but for plans you can get its on $49 and $69 and stuff but yeah i want one LOTS but so much $. and plus people have been saying theres been some issues with the new ones that have come out.. hmm delima

Comment by Alex

I’m waiting until Christmas to get one, by then all the teething issues with the new technology will be sorted out.

Comment by Luke C

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