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The Sons and the Psalms
August 19, 2008, 11:58 am
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Went and saw Sons of Korah on Friday night playing with Mike McCarthy at Kincumber high. It was an unreal night with a good set.

Mike started off with a couple of songs from his new album coming out in October.

Then SOK hit it off with the fisrt half of Psalm 42. They followed this with a few psalms of lament and anguish but as the night went on they kind of got more and more joyful. Lots of Resonator guitar and some cool latin rhythmns.

Some of the stuff the lead singer, Matt, said throughout the night got me thinking about the psalms and their beauty. Matt said that he thought the Psalms were written to take us on a journey nearer to God. I don’t know if I wholeheartedly agree with him that that is the purpose of the Psalms.

I’m stoked that they are included in the Bible however because I am an emotional person. The Psalms give words to my emotions. They help me express my longings and desires and hurts and pains. The Psalms remind me that the Christ centred life involves our emotions. God’s greatness should elicit an emotional response.

We spent some time at our last staff conference talking about how singing should look and be expressed in our church. The line we came up with was that we wanted ‘exuberant, emotionally appropriate praise.’

Andy Judd wrote a cracker article over at the Garage Hymnal blog last week about how so often people are expressing negatives about music in church context. eg, ‘no eye closing’ ect.

He goes on to say we should be encouraging positives. Be strong on encouraging people to express emotions appropriately. One line that hit me was:

Let’s teach to the heart well. With great stirring melodies and words dripping in right emotion.

Its a big thing to teach people to engage with God emotionally. Praise him for the Psalms that give us clear examples of how to respond to Him.


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