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I have a talented Barista
June 3, 2008, 10:26 am
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This vid was made by one of the baristas at the cafe I go to. He did the art and composed the music.


Worship Matters is out now!
April 1, 2008, 11:33 am
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Bob Kauflin’s new book – Worship Matters has hit the metaphorical shelves of the inter-webs. It’s set to be a book aimed at young Music leaders to help them think through some of the important areas in this ministry. My prediction is that it will become for music what ‘Hoyles’ is for Card Game rules.

You and You alone – (review)
March 18, 2008, 11:50 am
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Sovereign Grace have put out some great music in the past. They consistently hit the mark with God honouring lyrics and affecting melodies. Recently as their movement has grown so has the songwriting talent. It’s hard now for all songwriters to collaborate on one project. Thus they have introduced the overflow series. Music recorded by individuals from different Sovereign Grace churches.

Recently Pat and Joel Sczebel from CrossWay Community Church in British Columbia (Canada!!) have put out their offering – You and You alone.

I sent an email to Pat asking if he would let me review his album for Sing Unto the Lord and he was into it. So I’ll go through it track by track and then give an overall impression for how we in Australia can use some of this stuff and how we can be encouraged from it.

First up… one thing to say. Great cover art. Grabbed me instantly.

1. Trust in You (Joel)

This song rocks. It drives the whole way. I have heard so many songs written for a youth context that just don’t hit it. Hillsong United are one of the only groups I know of that can do songs youth love without coming across as contrived or cheesy. ‘Trust in You’ is another song that fulfills that need. The lyrics remind us of God’s sovereignty over all rulers and powers. One great line ‘in joy and suffering, always I’ll keep singing, you are good, Jesus you are good!’ After hearing one song from the album, this ones my favorite.

2. Over all (Pat and Joel)

This is another song about God’s sovereignty and the hope and security we can have because we put our trust in this King. Key line: ‘Over all afflictions and every storm of life, in the midst of suffering Almighty, you reign.’ It’s a good song. It would work great with our morning congregations. It still is upbeat and kicks along. It didn’t grab me the same way as the first but I think that could be because of a slightly different style and possible audience. Still a great congregational song.

3. Yesterday, Today and Forever (Pat)

This song reminded me of a blend between an Oasis song and something written recently by Bon Jovi. It was pretty cool. Another song about how Jesus is faithful and trusting him will bring us hope. So far the themes are kind of overlapping but they seem to be heading somewhere. The first two songs highlighted God’s sovereignty and power this third song does the same but reminds us of God’s faithfulness in saving us through Jesus.

4. The Greatest of All (Pat)

Dropped back a bit for this song. This had a great swing to it. It also had some mad organs in the mix. It’s a sweet ballad. The lyrics are all about redemption. It fits well with the gospel/country feel. I love this song. The chorus says:

‘Redeemed, how I love to proclaim it.

Redeemed by the blood of the Lamb

Redeemed through your infinite mercy

Your child and forever I am.’

5. In You (Joel)

This song was a pop rock gem. It had a catchy chorus. It’s all about the different mercies that can be found in Jesus. The line ‘In you I’ll rest’ kept playing through my head hours after hearing the song.

For now I’ll take a bit of a break and review the rest of the album on Friday. In the meantime perhaps you want to download it from the sovereign grace website.

Your Grace is Enough and Authorship
February 25, 2008, 7:15 am
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Bob Kauflin wrote a helpful answer to someone’s question about whether we should sing songs written by people who we disagree with theologically. The example given was ‘Your grace is enough’ a song written by Chris Tomlin and Matt Maher. We have started singing this song at Nitechurch¬† but until now I had no idea who Matt Maher is. Turns out he is a well known Catholic song writer. Read Bob’s reply to the question.

February 22, 2008, 10:41 am
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I saw a great movie last night. The music in it was haunting and beautiful. Ren bought the soundtrack straight after watching it. The movie is kind of like a modern day folk musical. I’d say 70% of the film is sung. It’s a really simple storyline.

You know when you see a good movie you want to tell everyone about it. I wonder what motivates that. Is it that we want people to enjoy it or is it that somehow we want to honor the movie. I think I’m the second. If I see a good movie then I think it deserves me to¬† tell others about it.

The actors in Once are just musos who are being filmed. Neither of the main characters, Guy and Girl played by Glen Hansard and Margeta Irglova have acted before. Their dialogue is natural. The best parts of the film though is when they are singing. You can see in their faces that at those times they aren’t acting, but rather are lost in the music they are creating.

Music has that ability. It channels thoughts and leads to a place. That’s why a feature film can be filled with songs. The songs contain the deep emotion that the dialogue lacks. It’s like when the song begins the curtain is pulled back and the heart is revealed. It’s amazing that words put to music have that ability.

February 21, 2008, 5:25 pm
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I just got this email from Paul Baloche (we are buddies) and it said that there is this project going on at the moment in the UK with heaps of top Christian Musicians.

Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tim Hughes, Matt Redman, Graham Kendrick, Andy Park, Darlene Zschech, Israel Houghton, Stu G (Delirious), Martin Smith and Paul Baloche have been spending a week in an old mansion in Scotland on a song writing retreat. They came up with 20 songs, 12 of which are going to be recorded for Compassionart a recording project that gives funds to the poor and underprivileged globally.

Already a who’s who of christian music, Chris Tomlin dropped by for the recording time at Abbey Rd so that he could be part of the action. I feel some pride that Darlene’s there. Onya Aussie.

The songs that come out of it should be worth a listen.

Simply Youth Worship
February 21, 2008, 8:03 am
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Simply Youth Ministry have a podcast that’s all about worship/music. First episode looks good. Could be good for anyone involved in youth music ministry (max??)